I'm currently a Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment (LPSOE, a.k.a. Assistant Teaching Professor) at UC Davis where I enjoying teaching the future generation of computer scientists.

Previously, from late 2015 to Sep. 2016, I was working as a consultant for LeafLabs, LLC, working on Project Ara until the project was discontinued.

Before that, from 2013 to 2015, I worked as a Postdoctoral research engineer at Sorbonne University (Pierre and Marie Curie University) where I ported Linux to a new processor architecture.

More about my resume (also on LinkedIn).

You can contact me at joel.porquet@gmail.com or joel@porquet.org. If you are a student at UC Davis, please contact me at jporquet@ucdavis.edu.

Otherwise, you can just enjoy browsing this website using the navigation bar above. In addition to being classified into primary categories, most of the pages are also accessible through tags and there is a timeline that shows the most recently created/modified pages.