The following tutorial assumes you already followed the installation procedure described on this page or something somewhat similar.

CGI installation in Ikiwiki

Edit the setup file of your wiki (e.g. /srv/ikiwiki/wiki.setup) and add the definition for cgiurl and cgi_wrapper. Refer to destdir and url to setup the right paths.

# where to build the wiki
destdir: /srv/ikiwiki/wiki.http
# base url to the wiki
url: https://yourserver/wiki
# url to the ikiwiki.cgi
cgiurl: https://yourserver/wiki/wiki.cgi
# filename of cgi wrapper to generate
cgi_wrapper: /srv/ikiwiki/wiki.http/wiki.cgi

Run ikiwiki on the setup file to generate the cgi wrapper:

$ ikiwiki --setup /srv/ikiwiki/wiki.setup

Lighttpd configuration

There are only two things to add to lighttpd's configuration in order to make the cgi wrapper executable. First we need to activate the cgi module:

server.modules += ( "mod_cgi" )

Second, in the configuration rule that concerns your wiki install, we need to declare the cgi wrapper generated by ikiwiki so it can be executed by lighttpd at runtime:

cgi.assign ( "wiki.cgi" => "" )