Originally, in ikiwiki, the creator maintains lists of todo pages by placing them in a todo folder. When those todo items are done, they must link to a done subpage.

I found this behavior quite annoying since I didn't want to have only one todo folder containing all my todo items, and also I wanted to be able to add a deadline dates to those items.

You can find my plugin on the ikiwiki official website.


This plugin enables marking pages as todo pages, thanks to a new directive. A deadline can also be specified if the todo page is associated with a date.

It can then be used in PageSpec to only select todo pages, and also in SortSpec to sort todo pages by deadline dates.

This plugin is thus perfect for pages dealing with a certain project, for which a todo list of tasks has to maintained.

Todo directive

To mark a page as todo page, you have to write the following directive somewhere in the page (usually at the top of it):

[[!todo ]]

If a deadline is associated with a deadline date, then provide also the date as a string, in any format the Date::Parse perl module can understand:

[[!todo  deadline="3 April 1982"]]

When the todo task is done, then mark it as such:

[[!todo  deadline="3 April 1982" done="yes"]]

PageSpec and SortSpec

Now, you can select all the todo pages (not done) existing in your wiki:

[[!inline  pages="* and todo() and !todo(done)" archive="yes"]]

If you want to sort them by deadline dates:

[[!inline  pages="* and todo() and !todo(done)" archive="yes" sort="todo(deadline)"]]

If you want the list of todo pages that are marked as done:

[[!inline  pages="* and todo() and todo(done)" archive="yes" sort="todo(deadline)"]]

If you want the list of pages that are not todo pages:

[[!inline  pages="* and !todo()" archive="yes"]]


The plugin exports two template parameters, to be used in template pages:

A possible example for a template page could be:






You can name this file todopage.tmpl and place it in your templates directory, at the root of your ikiwiki.

Now you can use when listing todo pages:

[[!inline  pages="* and todo() and !todo(done)" archive="yes" sort="todo(deadline)" template="todopage"]]

Source code

The code of the plugin can be found here: https://github.com/joel-porquet/ikiwiki-resources/blob/master/IkiWiki/Plugin/todo.pm

The code of a possible template can be found here: https://github.com/joel-porquet/ikiwiki-resources/blob/master/templates/todopage.tmpl